Randy Durig stated with a dream, that the vast majority of Arthritic sufferers could live a healthy and vibrant life.

Being an arthritic suffer for over 30 years he wanted an nutrient rich 100% plant based solution, to provide an alternative to synthetic medicines, that he was afraid man made chemical in the long term could worsens this affliction.    Once he realized the total arthritic improvements  and mobility impact of all natural plant based alternatives, he started ArthritiCare, with the product developed and soon to market, he has been moving into educating people of the series risks,  of the many  related risks associated, especially as we grow older,  with being arthritic. Mr Durig  believing that education on good health go hand in hand with a superior and fulfilling lifestyle.

Randy Durig, Founded ArthritiCare,  prior to starting ArthritiCare he was the Founder of Durig Capital, an investment firm and hedge fund. Durig Capital was known for it’s investment research firm covering health care and other related industries for over 30 years.  Mr Durig is also known for starting and being the CEO of Communal News,  a online newspaper, providing unique and well though out research, with hundreds of follow writers. After retiring from his financial /research business and his newspaper he had significant and very life threatening medical conditions.  The many doctors that reviewed his condition,  believed he only had a short time to live,  after a year later all the experts were proven wrong.  While his life was being threatened he took many of the western worlds  most unknown herbs,  but focused on ones that were consumed daily for thousands of years by locals.  He filter it down to what he believed was the most effective, as he realized he was a new man at 64 years of age .  At that time, Mr Durig with the realization that he had a second chance at a full and very active  life,  he dedicated himself, including  changed his own personal lifestyle to a more fulfilling and complete employable geezer lifestyle while fighting, informing and helping to increase awareness that you can have a great life, with full mobility, very limited stiffness and no suffering, while living with and controlling your arthritis.

ArthritiCare the education website, has been developed with collaboration with:

Dr. Fatima Khan: an a Internal Medicine Doctor at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). She achieved her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University Of Health Sciences. With a prior stint as a doctor at Mayo Hospital Lahore, Dr. Fatima Khan boasts nearly three years of experience as a Medical Officer at PIMS Hospital. Currently working as an internal medicine consultant, she holds the esteemed title of a fellow at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan.

 She has vast experience in dealing with chronic conditions like arthritis and gout. She is recognized for her unwavering work ethic and enthusiasm at her hospital. Dr. Khan is not only a competent medical practitioner but also an experienced medical researcher & writer.

We hopefully built the most comprehensive, accurate Arthritis library for all the public to view.

In our Arthritis master list we provide 170 types of arthritis with detailed reports with many video’s to follow.

Many websites claim to have complete list of Arthritis types or one hundred types of Arthritis,  as we found most of the Arthritis internet webpages only provides very limited information, as we often could not find any real depth whatsoever in Arthritis searches, so we are dedicated to providing a real robust and easy to navigate while providing the most comprehensive Arthritis Library on the internet.  We’re are dedicated to utilizing and reference the most credible recourse available today, you could find the professional Arthritis references, listed at the bottom of the of the pages.

If at all possible, we go to great lengths to provide information from the most reliable sources, yet providing this very complicated and timely  information in the very  simplest way, as medical terminology and theory can become very complex especially for newer readers, with that in mind we made it as easy to understand as we can,  so you can get more enjoyment from reading and easier to follow the many deeper complexities of Arthritis.

So we hope you enjoy our service.  Since we can not often identify a real alternatives to our easy to read, referenced and very robust Arthritis library.  If you enjoy are dedicated effort to accuracy using best in class resources, we ask you to sign up and follow us on social media, the icons to the bottom left or simply bookmark our page, as Arthritis is very often a very progressive disease especially as we grow older.

We want to thank you for your time, and if their is information, a subject or type of Arthritis that you can not find, let’s us know as we would love to increase our library to better serve you.  Thank you for helping !

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